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what a peacemakers: a vivid image of our world.

Toward these and other ends, Congress has authorized putting up to 30,000 drones in U.S. skies within the next eight years. That is to say, Congress passed the bill. Lobbyists from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International openly took credit for having written it.

Domestic drones have civil liberties groups in an uproar. But the potential for the strongest resistance probably lies in forming partnerships with peace groups already outraged that drones are being used to murder large numbers of people abroad.

As political activist and Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin documents in her new book, Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, the United States has avoided detaining people, only to murder them with a drone days later. The president has even authorized using drones to kill Americans in Yemen, including a drone strike on Anwar al-Awlaki, and a later strike that killed his teenage son.

And using drones for warfare isn’t always as expedient as billed either. In February 2002 a drone pilot thought he’d killed Osama bin Laden, but the victim turned out to be an innocent man. Expert observers, including Shahzad Akbar, a Pakistani lawyer representing drone victims, believe the vast majority of drone victims are not the individuals who were targeted—which is not to suggest any moral or legal case for killing those who are targeted. Often victims are not counted as “civilians” because they were carrying guns, but in some areas all men carry guns. Noor Behram, who photographs drone victims, says, “For every ten to fifteen people, maybe they get one militant.”

But Thomas Merton belonged to a generation that lived through real apocalypses brought about by political actors: Auschwitz, Hiroshima, and Vietnam. Mary Bryden, a specialist in modern literature, suggests that the recurrent apocalyptic motifs that surface in Merton’s writings reflect two somewhat contradictory notions of how the world might end: one emerging from religious expectation, and the other from a more plausible secular angst. In 1968, the year of his death (caused when an electric fan fell into his bathtub) he wrote in his diary that the news of the murder of Martin Luther King had pressed down upon him “like an animal, a beast of the apocalypse.”

But before this ends the article read:

This shift in doctrine clearly facilitates the cozy relationship between Mitt Romney, the first Mormon Saint ever to have a plausible shot at the US presidency, and his friend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During his recent visit to Jerusalem Romney delighted his hosts by calling the disputed city Israel’s capital, although the US and most other countries refuse to do so. He also suggested that because of their own cultural background (rather than the Israeli occupation) the Palestinians were incapable of showing the same level of ”economic vitality” as Israelis. Netanyahu was equally warm, praising and hugging Romney, clearly indicating that he wants Romney to defeat Obama in November. As the Haaretzcommentator Uri Misgav somewhat mischievously put it, the US-educated Netanyahu “doesn’t speak English or even American; he speaks fluent Republicanese.”

More alarming than “Republicanese,” however, may be the apocalyptic mindset both men share.

The aggressive escalade against Syria is unstoppable. Imperialism is bet in demolishing the Syrian regime, by all means, and hastily. The North-American secretary of state’s visit to Turkey, last week-end, clearly inserts this purpose. Hillary Clinton flies unto Istanbul in aid of the “ELS” mercenaries quartered in Aleppo, trying at all cost, to avoid their defeat by the Republic Army.

The USA estimated that , as in Libya – currently emerged in an indescribably chaos – Bashar al – Assad’s government replacement by leaders at their service would be a dead certainty. Serious obstacles, which are currently confronting the UN‘ s operational activity, would never be found, namely from Russia and China. And together with great far-reaching terrorist operations the internal situation would become destabilized and would hastily open up the way to over throw the Syrian regime. But they were wrong. And as they do not want to draw back their haughty cavalcade towards Iran and for the economic and geo-strategic region control, they totally through off the mask and assume with the greatest impudence the direct interference in Syria’s internal matters.

The greatest worry is the imperialist aggression triviality together with the complete tearing off of any behaviour code within international relations. It is horrifying the ease with which most of the media announce Obama has given CIA the go-ahead for “ secret operations” within Syria; that Hillary Clinton went to Turkey to coordinate with Erdogan and the mercenaries the aggression towards a sovereign country and proclaim the possibility of establishing, as in Libya, an “ aerial exclusive zone”; and in Turkey, training camps, military bases and mercenaries infiltration corridors are installed, as within Jordan; the participation, both in currency and weapons of all types coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar – “ Doha has played an essential role in Kaddafi’s overthrow in Libya, wanting to achieve political influence in Tunisia and is currently interested in the Syrian regime change”, in Expresso, 12.08.11. Notwithstanding, the Israel Zionists threats ( who since 1967 have occupied the Golan Syrian territory) or Mitt Romney ‘s, the presidential republican candidate fascist statements, during his recent visit to Israel.

What makes imperialism and reaction run, to the point of risking a failure of great dimension, all the more the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is far from being under control? No doubt, the capitalist crisis out there, is far from ending. The escalade is inseparable from the recession to which the most powerful capitalist economies cannot answer. And it does not only concern the “gold crisis” or the extending to Spain and Italy of the so-called “bailout programs”. It also concerns Germany, hit by recession ( and struggling tooth and nails in order to defend the privileges on which stands its “economic prosperity”, and the USA, that many have diagnosed serious turbulence to take place at the end of the year. And it all mainly concerns the decision coming from the international capitalism strategic centres, starting by the IMF, OECD, EU / ECB, of not giving up policies which are imposing workers a brutal draw back in their life and work conditions. At the same time the announcing of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Turkey, Mario Draghi, the ECB president, insisted in reducing salaries and “ structural reforms” acceleration, which essence consists in attacking labour and union rights, state social functions’ dismantlement and the entrepreneur public sector privatization, which is occurring in Portugal.

Before the growing difficulties and contradictions and the perspective of the intensifying of popular struggles, the Middle East and Central Asia aggressive escalade abjectly operates , as a gigantic and criminal diversion operation. It is necessary to unmask and fight it.

The visit of Tony Blair as a guest speaker to a conference sponsored by Discovery Health in in a weeks’ time 30 August 2012, provides an opportunity to comment on what has been Tony Blair’s ‘achievements’ that entitle him to charge extravagant amounts of money, for the pleasure of hearing his pearls of wisdom? Here are some of his more notorious ‘achievements’:

First, Blair the Anti-Social Reformer : Blair managed to ensure that the British Labour Party abandoned any pretence of being a socialist party and instead became a poor shadow of the anti-poor Conservative Party of Mrs Thatcher, so much so that Mrs Thatcher herself complemented Blair on his ability to cut much needed public services and undermine trade unions. A situation which so demoralised the British working class that the Conservatives were able to regain a foothold and now govern on an agenda that is amongst the most reactionary ever experienced in the UK, thanks to Blair.

Second, Blair the War Maker: Blair made sure that the alliance with the American Government under Bush was absolute, so much so that when the criminal decision was made to invade Iraq based on the blatant lies about weapons of mass destruction, and against the overwhelming wishes of the British people, he was prepared to abandon the sovereignty of his own country to become Bush’s lap dog and chief apologist. This decision cost the lives of thousands of innocent people, and has left Iraq and the region as a whole in turmoil. The invasion prepared the way for the pillaging of Iraq’s resources by US and UK based multinational corporations, thanks to Blair.

Third, Blair the Regional Peace Wrecker: Blair’s short lived role as a mediator to bring about peace in the Middle East exposed him as an unrivalled supporter of the Israeli Zionist project, and a loyal US Ambassador. As the person appointed by imperialist interests to try and bring about peace in the Middle East, he signally failed to take into account the appalling situation facing the Palestinian people, scattered as they are across the region, and blatantly ignored the worst excesses of the Israeli Apartheid State. The Palestinian people have been subject to accelerating levels of repression, with thanks to Blair.

We hope those who gather to hear Blair as a guest speaker this coming week bear these points in mind, and begin to understand why Blair is met with derision and disdain by very large numbers of people wherever he travels. Many believe that he should be indicted as a war criminal, and given the deaths he has been responsible for, not without justification. Others believe him to be a total fraud, who used his close association with ruthless media moguls like the discredited liar Rupert Murdock to gain power and influence, and who turned politics not into a positive force for social change, but as the preserve of spin doctors, unaccountable and corrupt manipulators of the truth, who care little for the common good.

We hope that those who intend to picket the Discovery event and expose Blair as the War Criminal he is, also remind those who have organised this so-called prestigious event, that by enlisting the support of someone like Blair, they have exposed their own limited and narrow interests, based as they are on profiting on the poor and sick, with special thanks to Blair.

In the report entitled “US and Turkey plan for ‘worst Syria scenario’ – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.” we can perceive that US & CIA & friends are preparing for a even stronger intervention in Syria. Meanwhile  the reported terrorists developed terrorists attacks and kidnapping actions inside the country.

Obama inks ‘secret order’ to aid Syria rebels – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Obama, according to Aljazeera sign a almost secret order in order to fulfill all Syrian terrorists demands to destroy Syria State. Shame!

More than 276,000 Syrians have fled their country since March 2011, according to UN refugee agency figures released on Tuesday.

The UNHCR also said thousands of people forced to leave their homes in the economic capital Aleppo, where the fighting has focused in recent days, had sought shelter in schools and a university dormitory.

The figure, collated from countries which provide aid to refugees, concerns Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria, the UNHCR said in a statement.

More than 70,000 Syrians sought refuge in Turkey and more than 140,000 have crossed into Jordan. Lebanon hosts more than 31,000 Syrian refugees, along with
Iraq (11,000) and Algeria (up to 25,000).

Describing the numbers leaving Syria as a “steady surge”, UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said that, among the 276,000, the agency had registered and given aid to 129,240 Syrian refugees to date.

The number of Syrians who have fled is thought to be much higher but many cases go unreported.

In and around Aleppo, the International Committee of the Red Cross reported that 200,000 people reportedly fled the area over the weekend amid “continuous raging violence” between Syrian government forces and rebel fighters, Fleming added. [AFP]

This is one of the outcome of the war; a war promoted by US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey and golf Monarchies.  In the online edition of Portuguese newspaper Publico Joska Fischer, one of the Lord of War that have his kingdom in EU, tell us about the Middle Est after Assad.