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This is a translation of my responsibility of a PCP document on Syria situation.

The PCP strongly condemns the dangerous escalation of threats against Syria by the governments of the U.S., France and Britain and its allies in the region.

If implemented, direct military aggression of imperialist powers and NATO against Syria is not only the corollary of the covert war already triggered against the Syrian people, and to all the peoples of the Middle East, but an adventure of unforeseen consequences that threatens to ignite the entire region.

A direct military aggression against Syria would be a qualitative leap in contempt international law and the sovereignty of peoples. The belligerent imperialists powers deliberately affront the principles of international law embodied in the UN Charter – beforehand the repudiation of war and respect for state sovereignty – and the proper UN. The replacement of these principles by the law of force is an undeniable objective of the imperialist powers.

The PCP, reaffirming its position as the frontal condemnation of the use of weapons of mass destruction, stresses that it is impossible to ignore the long history of disinformation, fabrications and lies that have served as a pretext for imperialist wars, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia or Libya. Consider also to be equally impossible to ignore the long history of crimes committed by armed terrorist gangs, trained, funded and served the imperialist powers – as those who have performed on the ground aggression against Syrian people.

The PCP, considering the necessary full clearance of facts, draws attention to the gravity to convey or accept uncritically a campaign of manipulation of facts which

not only lack of sound evidence – whether in nature, either as to its possible authorship – as witness the above situations are themselves created by imperialist forces. The PCP register the repeated statements of the Syrian government, which denies categorically any chemical weapons attack and attributed to so-called “rebels” to their use, or the statements of various international authorities on existence of evidence to attribute the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, not to Syrian army but the so-called “rebels”.

The PCP recalls that the imperialist powers who now say they are shocked by the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria have a long history of use of chemical weapons, biological and even nuclear against civilians, including weapons whose terrible effects if felt on later generations (as the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, the

Agent Orange” which devastated Vietnam or weapons based on depleted uranium in destruction of Yugoslavia). It is an unacceptable hypocrisy that leaders of the U.S., France or England invoke this argument to unleash another war of aggression.

The PCP denounces and condemns the role of the most violent and reactionary regimes in the region – Saudi Arabia and Qatar – in the aggression against Syria, the promotion of more barbaric terrorist groups of Islamic fundamentalism and inciting sectarian conflict in many countries of the region, as well as the military crackdown on popular uprisings in fair countries such as Bahrain (headquarters of the U.S. Naval Fleet V) and Yemen.

The PCP recalls the consequences of previous imperial wars, many of them triggered by invoking pretexts “humanitarian”. Hundreds of thousands dead, millions

refugees, countries destroyed, fragmented and reduced to chaos, dominated by armed gangs often connected to sordid trafficking of arms, drugs and people, are the current reality of  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Kosovo.


The PCP cannot but underline the prominent role that social democracy has played in the active promotion of the most violent assaults of imperialism, confirmed,

once again, the positions of the “socialist” governments by statements of French responsible of PS regarding Syria.

The real reasons of endless imperialist military aggression have nothing to do with the legitimate aspirations of peoples to freedom, sovereignty, social progress and

economic development of their countries but residing in intensions to recolonize the planet and more immediately this region and theires crucial energy reserves as well as ensuring – through the successive destruction of sovereign states with a history of imperialist resistance domination in the region

The PCP requires the Portuguese Government a posture that not only move away from the current climbing and blackmail warmongers, but that strives, as required by the Portugue Constitution, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, intransigent defense of the sovereignty of

people and for the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and international law.

In Portuguese, and a translation (a google one, sorry) of this important article on Syria war and Syria resistance

For whatsoever greater the wickedness of the media campaign, this cannot overshadow the truth of the ongoing war in Syria. A war instigated, architected, financed and conducted from abroad, exacerbating the expression of the class struggle internationally.

Without the criminal action of U.S.,powers aligned with NATO (which pontificates in the colonial revival trio Erdogan, Hollande and Cameron fighting for a greater role and higher profit), Israel and the Gulf petrodollar dictatorships, the current terrorist war in Syria would not be possible.

This is the crucial element that overrides the other. So it isn’t odd the cloak of silence of the media about the character, driving forces and regional and international context of this war. We would not assist the bloody escalation, or the framework of “civil war” in Syria without the fresh trail of imperialist wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. In Afghanistan the war drags on. More than 2000 soldiers from the United States lost their life only there. But after the inevitable withdrawal of the bulk of NATO military presence, announced in 2014, the U.S. intends to continue using flammable focus of Afghan instability as blackmail directed to the borders of neighbouring states, including the autonomous province of Xinjiang from China.

As we know Beijing is a major concern already assumed by the US. The sinister retroactive gear of Al-Qaeda terrorism  (a culture of greenhouses CIA in the 80s), the barbaric attacks with unmanned devices operated daily in the territory of Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, etc.  constitute an organic soup of not only military’s own projection of U.S. imperialism, as the forces that destroy Libya yesterday and today is dumped into the reckoning caught in Syria.

All in the name of freedom and democracy. Here we see the modus operandi of promoting religious extremism and network of swarming sects of radical Islam, the fostering of fratricide ethnic-confessional divisions, as already seen in the recent occupation of Iraq.

This is the scenario of fragmentation and destabilization sponsored envisaged in Washington for the region called the Greater Middle East, where important interests intersect to control the world economy and its geopolitical. A vision that is nonetheless symptomatic of imperialist megalomania in the limbo of the world capitalist crisis.

The war “without quarter” against Damascus, the obsession with overthrowing the ‘regime’ of Bashar al-Assad does not forget for a minute the legacy of decades of post-colonial Syria, Arab resistance bastion of anti-imperialist solidarity with the Palestine cause, despite the vicissitudes of a nonlinear route.

Trampling and bury the flag of patriotism and dignity of Arabs, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, is a vital task for the attackers. The sovereignty of Iran emerges as an ‘obstacle’ background (and one should remember the CIA coup that overthrew Mossadegh in 1952). But the ramp propagation of “conflict” Syrian goes further, pointing also to the multinational Russia (see the recent terrorist attacks in the Caucasus and Tatarstan).

Notwithstanding, the incendiary mission led by the U.S. has no hands free. The Syrian patriotic resistance is an example of courage and dignity deserving of wider solidarity; and the summit of the Non-Aligned freshly held in Tehran, despite the contradictory elements it contained, is an important sign of hope for the people.

Instead of recognising that the world we lived in, with increasingly sophisticated communications, transportations and weapons systems necessitated sophisticated leadership that would bring the global family together, the then-leaders of the US and UK fabricated the grounds to behave like playground bullies and drive us further apart. They have driven us to the edge of a precipice where we now stand – with the spectre of Syria and Iran before us.

By initiative of the PCP (Portuguese Communist Party) we publish the Joint Statement signed, until today, by 35 communist and workers parties from all over the world on the NATO Summit held in Chicago on the 20-21 May 2012.

In an international situation marked by the deepening crisis of capitalism and by the violent imperialist offensive against the achievements and rights of the workers and peoples, a NATO summit will take place on the 20th and 21st of May, in Chicago, USA.

In the context of an ever-deeper crisis of capitalism, imperialism embarks on a militaristic and interventionist escalation.

Having renewed NATO’s strategic concept in 2010 – a new and dangerous qualitative step in its interventionist ambitions, of which the aggression against Libya was an example – the USA and NATO, which has the EU as its European pillar, seek to expand their sphere of influence, promote an arms race and ever greater military spending and invest in new weapons and in their worldwide network of military bases.

Imperialism militarizes international relations, proceeds with occupations, threatens new aggressions and promotes conspiracies and manoeuvers of interference in countries of every continent and through a permanent militaristic escalation, violates the existing agreements for international disarmament. The principles of the UN Charter are seriously jeopardized and there is a growing instrumentalization of the UN, with a view to providing a cover for imperialist violence. The process of destruction of theInternational Law that emerged from the defeat of Nazi-fascism in World War II, paves the way for the imperialist goal of controlling resources and of dominating the planet on a military and geo-strategic level.

As imperialism’s main instrument in its quest for world domination, NATO is an enormous threat to world peace and security.

But, as the facts are demonstrating, imperialism’s force-based response to the crisis of capitalism is coming face to face with the progressive and revolutionary struggle of the peoples, who in various parts of the world are taking into their own hands the defense of their rights and the sovereignty and independence of their countries and are resisting in the most diversified ways, imposing setbacks to the strategy of imperialist domination.

Reaffirming their commitment to the struggle for peace, for the right of every people to determine freely its destiny, for social progress and socialism, the Communist and Workers’ Parties signing this declaration:

Demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan, as well as from all other imperialist interventions in the world;
– Reject the escalation of war in the Middle East, namely against Syria and Iran;
– Demand the dissolution of NATO and support the sovereign right of peoples to decide to disassociate their countries from this aggressive alliance;
Reject the deployment of the US and NATO’s new antimissile system in Europe and demand an end to foreign military bases;
Demand an end to the arms race and nuclear disarmament starting with the world’s major nuclear powers – such as the USA – and the complete destruction of all chemical and biological weapons;
Express their solidarity with the peoples that resist imperialist occupation, aggression and interference, namely in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa

21st May 2012

List of signatories Parties


Some 20 non-violent Syrian opposition parties and movements said in a meeting in Damascus on Tuesday that they seek to establish a democratic regime without resorting to arms.

“We are faced with two sides that use violence, but weapons only lead to attrition,” said Raja Nassar, who coordinated the gathering.

Opposed both to the regime and to the rebel Free Syrian Army, the movements said they were organising a conference in September to call for “democratic change that preserves the unity of the nation and social peace.”

“The regime has unleashed almost all its force on the ground, and has been unable to defeat the armed opposition, which for its part has yet to win a single victory,” veteran dissident Nasser told journalists.

The parties and movements taking part in the gathering are opposed to both the main opposition coalition – the Syrian National Council – and the FSA, which have consistently called for international intervention against the regime.

“The danger is the continuity of this tyrannical regime, which has chosen a military solution and whose result is the complete destruction of the state and the collapse of society, paving the way for civil war,” the movements said in a joint statement.

“Syrians are not looking for personal revenge, and the majority of those who lost children or their homes are ready to accept solutions that are in the interests of the nation and which put an end to destruction,” said writer and veteran dissident Louai Hussein who attended Tuesday’s gathering.

“There is no other way except to find a political solution, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to forgive the regime, or accept it,” said Hussein, who was jailed for seven years.

The recent developments in Syria revealed a series of important signs which will have decisive repercussions over the course of the global war led by the United States to destroy this country. Unlike the information and impressions of American strategists and their European and Arab accomplices – as conveyed by hundreds of media outlets engaged in the battle – the death squads, mercenaries and Takfiri groups introduced from all parts of the world suffered a crushing defeat at the level of the battles. Nonetheless, the Turkish officials and their Qatari and Saudi allies had promised – as they have already done last year and during the same period – that the month of Ramadan will witness the fall of the resisting regime in Syria. These illusions have once again collapsed on the battlefield where the armed gangs suffered the fall of thousands of dead, wounded and detainees.

See here for a Portuguese version

To these people we used to use the words terrorist or mercenaries…


Their war for freedom in Libya may be over, but almost a year after they won the battle for the Libyan capital, a group of fighters have a new battlefield: Syria.

Under the command of one of Libya’s most well known rebel commanders, Al-Mahdi al-Harati, more than 30 Libyan fighters have made their way into Syria to support the Free Syrian Army rebels in their war against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Al-Harati, who commanded the Tripoli Revolutionary brigade — which was the first group of rebels to enter the Libyan capital last August — has been in Syria for months leading some of his former men and Syrian military defectors who have joined his “Liwaa al-Umma” or “The Banner of the Nation” brigade.

Recent YouTube videos show at least two different Syrian rebel factions announcing that they are part of the Liwa al-Umma.

The aggressive escalade against Syria is unstoppable. Imperialism is bet in demolishing the Syrian regime, by all means, and hastily. The North-American secretary of state’s visit to Turkey, last week-end, clearly inserts this purpose. Hillary Clinton flies unto Istanbul in aid of the “ELS” mercenaries quartered in Aleppo, trying at all cost, to avoid their defeat by the Republic Army.

The USA estimated that , as in Libya – currently emerged in an indescribably chaos – Bashar al – Assad’s government replacement by leaders at their service would be a dead certainty. Serious obstacles, which are currently confronting the UN‘ s operational activity, would never be found, namely from Russia and China. And together with great far-reaching terrorist operations the internal situation would become destabilized and would hastily open up the way to over throw the Syrian regime. But they were wrong. And as they do not want to draw back their haughty cavalcade towards Iran and for the economic and geo-strategic region control, they totally through off the mask and assume with the greatest impudence the direct interference in Syria’s internal matters.

The greatest worry is the imperialist aggression triviality together with the complete tearing off of any behaviour code within international relations. It is horrifying the ease with which most of the media announce Obama has given CIA the go-ahead for “ secret operations” within Syria; that Hillary Clinton went to Turkey to coordinate with Erdogan and the mercenaries the aggression towards a sovereign country and proclaim the possibility of establishing, as in Libya, an “ aerial exclusive zone”; and in Turkey, training camps, military bases and mercenaries infiltration corridors are installed, as within Jordan; the participation, both in currency and weapons of all types coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar – “ Doha has played an essential role in Kaddafi’s overthrow in Libya, wanting to achieve political influence in Tunisia and is currently interested in the Syrian regime change”, in Expresso, 12.08.11. Notwithstanding, the Israel Zionists threats ( who since 1967 have occupied the Golan Syrian territory) or Mitt Romney ‘s, the presidential republican candidate fascist statements, during his recent visit to Israel.

What makes imperialism and reaction run, to the point of risking a failure of great dimension, all the more the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is far from being under control? No doubt, the capitalist crisis out there, is far from ending. The escalade is inseparable from the recession to which the most powerful capitalist economies cannot answer. And it does not only concern the “gold crisis” or the extending to Spain and Italy of the so-called “bailout programs”. It also concerns Germany, hit by recession ( and struggling tooth and nails in order to defend the privileges on which stands its “economic prosperity”, and the USA, that many have diagnosed serious turbulence to take place at the end of the year. And it all mainly concerns the decision coming from the international capitalism strategic centres, starting by the IMF, OECD, EU / ECB, of not giving up policies which are imposing workers a brutal draw back in their life and work conditions. At the same time the announcing of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Turkey, Mario Draghi, the ECB president, insisted in reducing salaries and “ structural reforms” acceleration, which essence consists in attacking labour and union rights, state social functions’ dismantlement and the entrepreneur public sector privatization, which is occurring in Portugal.

Before the growing difficulties and contradictions and the perspective of the intensifying of popular struggles, the Middle East and Central Asia aggressive escalade abjectly operates , as a gigantic and criminal diversion operation. It is necessary to unmask and fight it.

Read here (English) or here (Portuguese). See also this. And this one too

Murder, sabotage, bribery, contract killings — and that’s just the behavior of Western political leaders and their Arab allies. Forget the fancy titles, manners and clothes — ongoing violence in Syria shows that the foreign policy of these powers is being conducted by terrorists and thugs in high offices. Which let’s one glimpse what level of barbarity is being perpetrated by the Western terror army, running amok in the streets and villages of Syria.


The arming of Syria’s rebels will have “very bad implications in the region,” Iran’s Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday, according to state television.

He added that “the region will face a major crisis if foreign forces, currently (covertly) present in Syria, enter the scene” and intervene militarily.

“It is ugly that countries… have flooded Syria with arms, equipping terrorist groups. It will have very bad implications in the region,” Vahidi was quoted as saying.