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Here in Portuguese and in the citation first line all article of John Pilger. See also this article: “The British Siege of the Ecuadorian Embassy: Déjà Vu: Anglo-American disregard for International Law” 

The British government’s threat to invade the Ecuadorean embassy in London and seize Julian Assange is of historic significance. David Cameron, the former PR man to a television industry huckster and arms salesman to sheikdoms, is well placed to dishonour international conventions that have protected Britons in places of upheaval. Just as Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq led directly to the acts of terrorismin London on 7 July 2005, so Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague have compromised the safety of British representatives across the world.

and continues:

The irresponsibility of this statement matches the Guardian’s perfidious role in the whole Assange affair. The paper knows full well that documents released by WikiLeaks indicate that Sweden has consistently submitted to pressure from the United States in matters of civil rights. In December 2001, the Swedish government abruptly revoked the political refugee status of two Egyptians, Ahmed Agiza and Mohammedel-Zari, who were handed to a CIA kidnap squad at Stockholm airport and “rendered” to Egypt, where theywere tortured. An investigation by the Swedish ombudsman for justice found that the government had “seriously violated” the two men’s human rights. In a 2009 US embassy cable obtained by WikiLeaks, entitled “WikiLeaks puts neutrality in the Dustbin of History”, the Swedish elite’s vaunted reputation for neutrality is exposed as a sham. Another US cable reveals that “the extent of [Sweden’smilitary and intelligence] cooperation [with Nato] is not widely known” and unless kept secret “would open the government to domestic criticism”.

The Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, played a notorious leading role in George W Bush’s Committee for the Liberation of Iraq and retains close ties to the Republican Party’s extreme right. According to the former Swedish director of public prosecutions Sven-Erik Alhem, Sweden’s decision to seek the extradition of Assange on allegations of sexual misconduct is “unreasonable and unprofessional, as well as unfair and disproportionate”. Having offered himself for questioning, Assange was given permission to leave Sweden for London where, again, he offered to be questioned. In May, in a final appeal judgment on the extradition, Britain’s Supreme Court introduced more farce by referring to non-existent “charges”.

Its rewarding read this:

Contrary to what you’ll hear from Mitt Romney, President Obama has laid down a series of profound challenges to the teachers’ unions and their interests. He’s promotedperformance-based pay for teachersandbonusesfor high-caliber math and science teachers. He’schampioned charter schools. He’s pushed for high, common core standards across the 50 states. Nor is this idle talk; via the Race to the Top program, he’s dangled billions of dollars in awards to states and localities that hew to this aggressive reform vision.In fact, this strong pro-testing, pro-accountability agenda — all the more important coming from a Democrat — has led the likes of Diane Ravitch to call Secretary of Education Arne Duncan “Margaret Spellings [Bush’s secretary of education] in drag.”So count me disappointed that Obama is campaigning for reelection with education rhetoric that is ripped right out of a dusty old Democratic Party playbook. He’s assailing Romney for budget choices that would supposedly force local governments to cut back on the number of teachers in the classroom. He’s suggesting that money, not ideas, will cure to what ails the country’s underperforming schools.It all fits in the overarching Obama campaign narrative: that Romney wants to give millionaires and billionaires big new tax breaks even as he slashes the social safety net and government services that help the middle class and poor, from medical research to college fianancial aid to public schooling.

Assange’s hurt WikiLeaks? Shouldn’t you say Obama and his policy?


If we were blind on what Obama and his boys are able to do in order to achieve their goals we didn’t believe. But we aren’t blind.

Ecuador slams UK threats over Assange.

Here to read the Statement of the Government of  Ecuador on the asylum request of Julian Assange.

Obama inks ‘secret order’ to aid Syria rebels – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Obama, according to Aljazeera sign a almost secret order in order to fulfill all Syrian terrorists demands to destroy Syria State. Shame!

Some days ago I went to a bookstore just to see if there were any new out of the blue in the bookshelves. For some time I’ve adopted the strategy of looking to my favorite authors and then see around their books what we get. I get nothing in that day. However I walk a little bit and in the science fiction area I sow a set of titles of science-religion-paranormal-answer to all in ten questions and similar ‘books’. The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead    in a Portuguese translation was among them. In the neighborhood there was one or two Nobel’s with similar precious titles. As I said I come back with nothing, but I remember Barak Obama’s Nobel Prize of Peace, and the blood all around him.