Here is the CGTP‘s assessment of the last troika evaluation.

The portrait presented to the country by the PSD-CDS government is a misleading one. It promises the return to growth already in 2013 – while the Bank of Portugal is still forecasting economic stagnation – following serious recession in the current year in which, with the imposition of successive sacrifices, the budgetary deficit will not be attained and public debt will continue to increase.
Despite the fact that interest rates of the debt titles are going down, the interest rates of 10 year obligations are still unacceptably high and subject to the “markets” speculation. Exports have maintained significant growth rates, but with less acceleration in the present year, while imports have fallen, due to lower purchasing power and drop of public and private investment. The message insists on cutting the external deficit, which means alleviating the need of funding the economy, without trying to assess if that is sustainable.
Therefore, a favourable scenario is being portrayed, in the precise moment in which the recession is deepening, unemployment grows yet again and more youngsters are leaving the country. This is serious,  not only because it is sowing illusions to try and lead to the acceptance of unfair sacrifices. September is a crucial month not just because there is another evaluation but also because the evaluation must be done in the light of what is being shown by the enforcement of austerity policies in several countries, including in Spain, but also of developments concerning the EU debt crisis. Besides being based on a wrong diagnosis, it is even more serious because the government has completely abdicated from its negotiating capacity.