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Remember when ANC was a terrorist organization under US view, or PLO or Arafat or FARC (this one is a terrorist group yet)…

When the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attacked and killed 24 Turkish soldiers in October 2011, the violence made headlines around the world. But it also highlighted the very different approach the Turkish media takes when it comes to covering highly politicised stories.

The administration of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, is often cited as proof that an Islamic government can exist within a democratic framework. Yet, when it comes to freedom of the press, the Erdogan government has a lamentable reputation – and it is growing worse.

It is not just about article 301, the ambiguous and controversial law that outlaws criticism of “Turkishness”. Nor is the criticism limited to the number of Turkish journalists behind bars.

In Turkey, there is a tacit obligation that the media follow the government’s wish for the PKK to be referred to as ‘terrorists’. However, global media outlets are not so easily dictated to, and Reuters found itself in the firing line when it continued to refer to the PKK as ‘rebels’.

The Colombian government has signed a formal agreement with the FARC to start a peace process to end the armed conflict which has devastated the country since 1964, reported Venezuelan news network Telesur on Monday.

According to Telesur, “high level sources within the government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC have just signed an agreement to begin a formal peace dialogue.”

The Venezuelan news network confirmed a report by Colombian television station RCN that the formal peace talks are planned in the Norwegian capital of Oslo in October. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not confirm this for Colombia Reports.

Telesur reported that the Colombian president is soon to make the official announcement of the deal and the upcoming talks.

Newspaper El Espectador on Sunday reported that senior security adviser Sergio Jaramillo has been leading the government commission in Cuba that has been trying to prepare formal peace talks between the government and the guerrilla group that has been at war with the state since its foundation in 1964.

Jaramillo is reportedly being assisted by Environment Minister Frank Pearl who, according to U.S. diplomatic cables began seeking contact with the FARC when serving as peace commissioner under former President Alvaro Uribe.

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Colombia’s ambassador to Cuba, Gustavo Bell, reportedly is also involved in the talks. According to RCN, Santos’ brother Enrique has also been attending the meetings.

The Venezuelan government, while not directly involved in the preliminary, has been called on as mediator when talks turned sour, reported the newspaper.

According to both El Espectador and Telesur, the FARC’s spokesperson in Cuba is Mauricio Jaramillo, alias “El Medico,” one of the members of the guerrillas’ political leadership who “according to rumors” was accompanied by guerrilla commander “Ivan Marquez” on at least one occasion.

RCN reported that the government’s agenda has six basic themes which include FARC demobilization, ceasefire and the decommissioning of arms, all issues which have limited past efforts at negotiations.

The guerrilla group’s conditions consist of agricultural reform, renegotiation of multinational involvement in oil and mining industries, environmental issues and the involvement of social organizations in the eventual peace talks, reported radio station W last week.

While rumors of preliminary peace talks first surged in January, the still-unconfirmed negotiations were set high on the Colombian public and political agenda by Uribe a week ago.

Uribe’s rejection of peace talks caused the opposite reaction from Colombian congress, whosemajority of political parties voiced its support for a negotiated end to the 48-year old armed conflict, leaving the former president and his allies isolated.

According to a report by newspaper El Tiempo, the Uribe government was seeking talks with the FARC between 2005 and April 2010.

Por encima de las patrañas políticas y politiqueras, por encima de las campañas mediáticas de embrutecimiento, por encima de la ofensiva terrorista del Estado con sus aviones bombarderos que ya comienzan a ser derribados, son cada día más los colombianos que despiertan del engaño al que estuvieron tanto tiempo sometidos, son cada vez mayores las filas de la gente decente indignada con lo que la casta gobernante está haciendo con Colombia. Por todas las esquinas de la patria se levantan las voces y los brazos de los afectados con las políticas del régimen, de las mujeres y hombres que comprenden la necesidad de la lucha, de las ciudadanas y ciudadanos que anhelan vivir en un país democrático, en paz, justo, soberano y libre de tanta inmundicia.

FARC moves on in his heroic struggle for democracy and peace. Here in Spanish and here in Portuguese we found a statement of the Major Staff.