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 here ou here (in Portuguese) we have the same news on a assessment of the budget accomplishment released today. However what I really liked was this comment:

Despedem um monte de pessoas para poupar 1.7% e isto são boas noticias? Será que os numeros incluem o subsídio de desemprego pago a quem foi despedido? “As boas notícias vêm do lado da despesa. Até Julho, os gastos totais da Administração Central e da Segurança Social estão a cair 1,7%, sobretudo graças a uma diminuição acima do previsto das despesas com pessoal (-16%). “


In the next year the Public Universities in Portugal will receive less 15 millions euros than they received from the State this year. At least this is the proposal presented by the government. Since 2005 this means a cut of almost one forth. Of course the President of the Portuguese Universities Deans Council (CRUP), said this could imply a “net sustainability” problem.

In addition the proposed cut in the budget of polytechnic Institutes can amount to 30% in six years. Anyway we all know that this is untenable.