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Some people mistakenly include the election of Ollanta Humala as president of Peru between the signs of a progressive change in the South American continent. If Humala’s past no longer justify such an assessment, how is breaking all the promises that are made ​​to confirm elect him as an opponent of progress of the Peruvian people and the independence of his country.

You must remember him and inform those who have not yet realized. As for the most “political”, prefers to forget.

During the internal war was military chief in Madre Mía, Tocache, Huánuco, under the pseudonym “Captain Carlos”. He was accused of murder and torture, but paid for witnesses who changed their statements.

Boasted of having been praised by his superiors. ¿Who praised the leaders in this period? Who killed innocent (in the military who wanted to do so they had to flee the country). His military service record of those years “lost”. Their heads are so far rewarded with important positions.

In the 2006 campaign of a politician said that right should not be punished by the military murderers denounced the Truth Commission, which raised protests from human rights organizations. And he protested too, but because in an election campaign should not touch at that point so sensitive to the “military family.” Now this is the ruling family.

Later he was appointed head of the barracks Locumba in Moquegua, since Montesinos confidence we needed to move forward the process of Fujimori’s reelection.

On 29 October 2000, Montesinos called four times from your phone to the headquarters said as she fled the country on the sailboat “Karisma”, while the beginning was “Locumbazo.” The phone calls from 9970-8099 Montesinos to landline 054-713791 took place at 10:52 AM and the three remaining around 14 pm that Sunday.

Ollanta withdrew 57 soldiers from the barracks to do exercises. Abroad, told them that it was a uprising against the government, and led them to the camp where miner Toquepala phoned Radio Programs communicate the “survey”, which was urgently needed so that attention will centrassem in drawdown and drain Montesinos pass unnoticed.

When left the camp he had only reservists recruited by Antauro, soldiers had fled. Fujimori fled the country and then sent the resignation by fax. The presidency was occupied by Valentín Paniagua. Humala introduced him to surrender, having been touring the Moquegua and Arequipa for over a month.

Nowhere in the world is to happen what happened here: this survey against which to overthrow the government or not fired a shot, and chiefs in charge of the report that deal were ordered not to carry ammunition. ¡In over a month of “survey to overthrow the government” was not even a skirmish!

After that was held a few days and was sent as military attache to the embassy in France and then to Korea, earning a lucrative salary.

He returned to Peru and took the organization of reservists – true and false – that his brother Antauro (already arrested) had ridden through the newspaper Ollanta, in which he wrote a few things against imperialist interests.

Never been to any popular protest. Never left said, “leftists” who invented it is to quiet the conscience.

What is certain, however, is that in his campaign in Cajamarca promised to defend against water and pray that one of his first position as ruler was to say “Conga continues, give goes where.”

Never agreed with democracy. As recalled above, not consulted on whether the soldiers were willing to stand up against the government, ordered them as military chief to do so. He says that his party is not like the others in that leadership positions are chosen by election. In his party he is the one who appoints.

There was never Congress in his “party”, he gives orders, not for a moment abandoned his military hierarchical mentality.

To deceive the people that voted him by his promises of change, a cabinet nomeu “progressive” transitory, that quickly changed.

Valdes has now changed, not to be reactionary, but because things innocently said that the president thinks but does not say that, as q ue admire Fujimori and Humala should not fulfill their campaign promises. The new office will pursue the same policy but avoid saying what he thinks.

The people must realize that those who govern are the large transnational companies, for their own benefit by “military family” of the president.

The Peru remains colony, first in Spain, then England, then the United States and now transnational corporations, which do not care if they kill nature and Peruvian population, the only thing that matters is winning the largest amount of money possible in the shortest time possible. Ollanta is the viceroy.

Despite having known all this when he won the elections considered it a triumph, because if it had been any other gaining the poor people would have felt defeated. When Humala triumphed, the people said “We won ¡”. But when Humala began to govern the people felt angry, betrayed, willing to fight to defend what they voted for, and that’s what you’re doing.

Sólo el pueblo organized sí mismo if the release.

La Haine