Like a bad debt left unpaid, Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White returned to Amite on Tuesday night.

Fortunately, Don Ellzey reported on the event on “Action News 17” with a caustic eye reminiscent of the late writer H.L. Mencken. Ellzey not only covered the facts of White’s babbling rant at the Tangipahoa School Board meeting, but he also gave a searing analysis of what White really meant.

Here is one of Ellzey’s choice paragraphs describing the speech: “White arrived late, like he did for the previous speech, dressed like he was attending a corn husking party in an open shirt with the sleeves rolled up and wrinkled, too-tight pants about half way unzipped.”
This is about par for the course for Jindal hack John White. The people in Louisiana and Tangipahoa Parish deserve better from the state’s top education official.
Why can’t a guy making $275,000 a year go to J.C. Penny’s and buy a modest suit of clothes? A school board meeting is not a corn husking party. Perhaps he likes the “hot pants” look. Maybe it’s part of his “brand” as a hip patron saint of Teach For America. TFA is the teacher corps program taking over the state.

But I’m still scratching my head.

Ellzey mentions that White brought his entourage. I suspect this was his TFA Junior Goon Squad members. From what I hear, the Louisiana Department of Education is being overrun by TFA alumni. Though surely well meaning, TFAs are typically Ivy Leaguers and rich college grads who teach for a couple of years after a little summer training. They spent a year or two with the commoners prior to taking up more lucrative careers.


Instead of being quiet, professors should be organizing, speaking up and speaking out on the radio, TV, newspapers, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and sponsoring old-fashioned teach-ins. Rather than acquiescing to White’s hackwork, they should be engaged in research and publishing papers about why TFA is nothing more than snake oil and why school teachers need real professional training. Show how the children will suffer when the likes of self-proclaimed “apostles” and untrained educators run state-funded schools.

The White-Roemer-Jindal-TFA Gang is an existential threat to the teaching profession and to Louisiana school children. And if tenured education professors don’t fight the stupidity, who will?