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The Greek Prime Minister, Sr. Samaras, begs on his knees to the European powers granting  more time to pauperize his own people. Promises to make an additional cut of 11.5 billion euros in expenses of the Greek state. And this in a country where its workforce has more unemployed than employed. Samaras is catastrophic for the Greek people. Such pleas, if met, would only serve to further extend the agony of Greece under the boot of the troika. The only proper attitude that serves the interests of the Greek people is that advocated by KKE: the rupture with the EU, the ECB and other imperialist organizations, with recovery of monetary sovereignty and national independence.
Meanwhile, the Social Democrats Syriza (Friends of the Portuguese Left Bloc), who try to live it forces a compromise with the EU, this week received the response they deserved the chairman of the Eurogroup. Asked an audience to Mr.. Juncker and it hit them in the face with the door. The EU does not want reconciliation. Let this be a lesson to conciliators in Lusitanian lands.