There is no question that teacher bashing, not just union bashing, has become a preoccupation for many, especially those with a vested financial interest in seeing to it that the education of our children is turned over to for-profit schools.

Or yet

Good teachers need unions, too.

I was an award-winning teacher, and by that I mean that my students won writing awards and scholarships with my guidance. I worked for 39 years in a super school district: great kids, supportive parents, reasonable administrators. However, sometimes parents blamed me for their children’s shortcomings. One dad could not accept his daughter’s laziness and blamed me for her failing grades; some parents felt it was cruel to correct grammar in students’ writing, that it would squash self-esteem.

All these complaints go right to the top, and if I hadn’t had my union representative by my side at meetings, I might have gotten fired years ago. My union protected me from threatening parents and made it possible for me to have what I consider an unusually successful career.