The aggressive escalade against Syria is unstoppable. Imperialism is bet in demolishing the Syrian regime, by all means, and hastily. The North-American secretary of state’s visit to Turkey, last week-end, clearly inserts this purpose. Hillary Clinton flies unto Istanbul in aid of the “ELS” mercenaries quartered in Aleppo, trying at all cost, to avoid their defeat by the Republic Army.

The USA estimated that , as in Libya – currently emerged in an indescribably chaos – Bashar al – Assad’s government replacement by leaders at their service would be a dead certainty. Serious obstacles, which are currently confronting the UN‘ s operational activity, would never be found, namely from Russia and China. And together with great far-reaching terrorist operations the internal situation would become destabilized and would hastily open up the way to over throw the Syrian regime. But they were wrong. And as they do not want to draw back their haughty cavalcade towards Iran and for the economic and geo-strategic region control, they totally through off the mask and assume with the greatest impudence the direct interference in Syria’s internal matters.

The greatest worry is the imperialist aggression triviality together with the complete tearing off of any behaviour code within international relations. It is horrifying the ease with which most of the media announce Obama has given CIA the go-ahead for “ secret operations” within Syria; that Hillary Clinton went to Turkey to coordinate with Erdogan and the mercenaries the aggression towards a sovereign country and proclaim the possibility of establishing, as in Libya, an “ aerial exclusive zone”; and in Turkey, training camps, military bases and mercenaries infiltration corridors are installed, as within Jordan; the participation, both in currency and weapons of all types coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar – “ Doha has played an essential role in Kaddafi’s overthrow in Libya, wanting to achieve political influence in Tunisia and is currently interested in the Syrian regime change”, in Expresso, 12.08.11. Notwithstanding, the Israel Zionists threats ( who since 1967 have occupied the Golan Syrian territory) or Mitt Romney ‘s, the presidential republican candidate fascist statements, during his recent visit to Israel.

What makes imperialism and reaction run, to the point of risking a failure of great dimension, all the more the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is far from being under control? No doubt, the capitalist crisis out there, is far from ending. The escalade is inseparable from the recession to which the most powerful capitalist economies cannot answer. And it does not only concern the “gold crisis” or the extending to Spain and Italy of the so-called “bailout programs”. It also concerns Germany, hit by recession ( and struggling tooth and nails in order to defend the privileges on which stands its “economic prosperity”, and the USA, that many have diagnosed serious turbulence to take place at the end of the year. And it all mainly concerns the decision coming from the international capitalism strategic centres, starting by the IMF, OECD, EU / ECB, of not giving up policies which are imposing workers a brutal draw back in their life and work conditions. At the same time the announcing of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Turkey, Mario Draghi, the ECB president, insisted in reducing salaries and “ structural reforms” acceleration, which essence consists in attacking labour and union rights, state social functions’ dismantlement and the entrepreneur public sector privatization, which is occurring in Portugal.

Before the growing difficulties and contradictions and the perspective of the intensifying of popular struggles, the Middle East and Central Asia aggressive escalade abjectly operates , as a gigantic and criminal diversion operation. It is necessary to unmask and fight it.