Just read it!

All I ever wanted from teaching was to do good work, excite children and really teach them. And I have done that. Always trying to do it better, always assessing and reworking what I do. I’ve been proud of my contribution to the children in my community, but I realize now that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that I work until late every night or that I’ve had a high standard (Common Core is no big stretch for me). Or that I’m passionate about what I do. None of that will matter because if parent triggers gain traction, my school could get taken over by 51% of the public. And if that happens, it won’t matter how good a job I’ve done. All that will matter is that I’m expensive. With 21 years of public ed experience, a charter could hire two teachers for the price of hiring me. That lowers class size or increases profits. Either way, I will be terminated and will have to look for work in my 50s. It doesn’t matter who I vote for because the fix is in. Either party can cost me my livelihood even though I’ve done all the right things.

The only strategy I have left is to continue to do my job and try to educate people in my community. Oh… and stop spending money on anything at all. I need to save every penny I have because this may not work out well for me. I can’t contribute to the economy or believe in the future. All I can do is hang on, do good work and hope that I can make it till retirement. Not because I’m burnt out or no longer love teaching, but because someone can come in and steal my life’s work out from under me, and I’ve got my government’s approval no matter who wins the election.