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In Philadelphia, a community news organization reports 53 schools were flagged for cheating across multiple grades. As in Atlanta, many of the cheaters aren’t students; they’re educators – teachers and principals. CNN contributor and educator Steve Perry tells Soledad O’Brien that he has a solution using technology that could limit this kind of cheating.


I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately, No Child Left Behind left us with administrations focusing on testing and money more than the kids. Teachers can’t adapt lessons to the kids’ needs because it won’t fit the curriculum. Kids are given two week long tests in some districts every year from second grade. That isn’t what education should be. It shouldn’t be focused on test scores, it should be focused on learning. With NCLB teachers are so busy teaching to the test so that the schools get high enough scores to make ends meat that they don’t have enough time for learning to happen. If we fix NCLB and take the school focus off of grades for money, we can get back to helping our kids learn and schools won’t feel the need to resort to cheating in order to keep financially stable.