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Today in Publico we read an article defending the parents’ liberty of choice of public or private schools for his kids. Here we see creationism in UK schools as well a rational for that.  

More than 276,000 Syrians have fled their country since March 2011, according to UN refugee agency figures released on Tuesday.

The UNHCR also said thousands of people forced to leave their homes in the economic capital Aleppo, where the fighting has focused in recent days, had sought shelter in schools and a university dormitory.

The figure, collated from countries which provide aid to refugees, concerns Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria, the UNHCR said in a statement.

More than 70,000 Syrians sought refuge in Turkey and more than 140,000 have crossed into Jordan. Lebanon hosts more than 31,000 Syrian refugees, along with
Iraq (11,000) and Algeria (up to 25,000).

Describing the numbers leaving Syria as a “steady surge”, UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said that, among the 276,000, the agency had registered and given aid to 129,240 Syrian refugees to date.

The number of Syrians who have fled is thought to be much higher but many cases go unreported.

In and around Aleppo, the International Committee of the Red Cross reported that 200,000 people reportedly fled the area over the weekend amid “continuous raging violence” between Syrian government forces and rebel fighters, Fleming added. [AFP]

This is one of the outcome of the war; a war promoted by US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey and golf Monarchies.  In the online edition of Portuguese newspaper Publico Joska Fischer, one of the Lord of War that have his kingdom in EU, tell us about the Middle Est after Assad.

Students fail to learn algebra or teachers fail to teach? Put algebra aside said NYT

The unemployment rate rise to 15.4% of the active population in June 

42% of Portuguese said that they’re budget is not enough to pay all necessary medical care as a study reported here. In the last six month 36% left to by all prescripted drugs due to the shrink of their income.


As conclusões do relatório mostram que a maioria dos inquiridos (65,5%) ainda recorre ao SNS, seguindo-se os seguros privados (22,5%) e a ADSE (22,1%). Mas o grande peso da utilização dos serviços públicos não parece estar a ser suficiente para cobrir as despesas de saúde, com 35,8% dos inquiridos a admitir que, nos últimos seis meses, deixaram de comprar medicamentos prescritos pelo médico por motivos financeiros. Aliás, dentro da OCDE, Portugal já está entre os países onde a despesa privada mais pesa na saúde e onde a despesa com medicamentos tem maior proporção.

À questão relativa às maiores preocupações em relação à saúde, numa escala de zero a dez, os inquiridos deram 8,72 pontos ao “receio de perde de qualidade no SNS”; 8,2 pontos ao preço dos medicamentos; 7,9 ao preço das taxas moderadoras e das consultas no sector privado e 4,83 ao faltar ao trabalho para ir a consultas. Por isso, quando confrontados com as áreas onde cortariam para poder manter o investimento na saúde, as obras públicas e a defesa foram os sectores escolhidos, por oposição à educação e à segurança social.

Já numa escala de zero a 20, no que diz respeito à confiança nos profissionais de saúde e instituições, os enfermeiros foram os que recolheram mais pontos (14,13), seguidos dos farmacêuticos (13,76) e dos médicos (13,57). Menos credibilidade têm os centros de saúde (10,61), os laboratórios farmacêuticos (10,54) e o sector social (9,64).



Defending public Schools in the July 2012 AFT convention

EU is sleepwalking towards… towards… nowhere!

Spanish unemployment rate has hit record levels, with nearly one quarter of the labour force unable to find work and young people fearing the worst.

The unemployment rate rose in the second quarter to 24.63 per cent and a huge 53 per cent among the young, despite the start of the tourist season, official figures showed on Friday.

The increase in the overall jobless numbers was smaller than in the first quarter, with the number of eligible people out of work rising to nearly 5.7 million people.

Between April and June, 53,500 people lost their jobs, compared with 365,900 in the first quarter, the national statistics office said


In Portugal the unemployment go to up 1 million. We got 6.7 millions of jobless people in Iberia! 


we found here a text on a set of high profile people that was discovered that gain some academic degree with plagiary.

The problem is deep-rooted and systemic. Professors in Germany tend to work alone, with their subordinate research groups. Most will not criticise other professors, and they do not discuss problems, full stop. There is no official vetting or oversight.

For decades in Germany there has been a creeping toleration of scientific misconduct, a looking away when lines were crossed. Anyone who spoke out was quickly silenced. Honest scholars have felt frustrated at seeing others getting away with cutting corners.

Some teachers at the University of Cottbus are furious that a PhD dissertation containing massive text parallels on 40% of its pages has been officially declared to suffer only from “technical weaknesses”.

But people are speaking up, and plagiarism is being discussed in every university, even if many are unsure what to do.

Better education about plagiarism and good scientific practice is essential.

Dissertations need to be published online with open access to permit easy checking, and a random sample of theses defended in the past five years needs to be reviewed in order to identify weak points. However, there is currently no funding for such measures, so it’s unclear whether German universities will really get serious about plagiarism, or keep muddling on.

Evidence suggests this is not an exclusively German plague, so similar measures may be required in other European countries too, possibly all, to ensure that higher degrees awarded in Europe’s universities continue to attract the respect they deserve.

Although the article is mainly concerned with Germany language and Germany tradition, we know that plagiarism is a current practice of our students.